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Dear Mr. Bezos,

My name is Michael and I am 33 years old. I’m someone that has had a tough life but has always tried to push through to move forward. My body is falling apart and doctors can’t give me an answer as to why things keep breaking on me. I’ve torn both my biceps and the left arm is now a permanent disability and the right one getting operated on in February. Out of desperation to find a way to pay for stem cell therapy I decided to try and publish books through kdp. Apparently I’ve been banned from ever starting an account on kdp and I don’t know and what I did wrong. I spent close 300 hours with a 27 hour day included trying to create these books with two more colouring books almost ready to be submitted.

Your staff is not giving me any answers as to why and has shown no compassion about my situation. It hurts for me to even work on the computer and everything is getting so expensive i have gone through my savings and am at a loss to what to do to survive. I can’t even do computer work from my pain, I can’t afford physio, and I don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent. You seem like a nice man so I’m begging you to intervene and help.

Pavithraa (Your employee) is just copying and pasting generic responses and not answering what happened and honestly if you’re going to screw someone over after they’ve put in 300 hours of work you should at least tell them why. I’m not sure if they are from an overseas call Center but I found it strange that they don’t sign off with their full names in the messages. I recommend you send them for retraining.

I have now gone and created a Gofundme account to try to raise money out of desperation for stem cell treatment. I feel pathetic but I have no choice and as you can imagine I’m feeling pretty hopeless.

I have a feeling that this message is not going to get to you so I’ve created so people can post to you directly if they have any complaints about your organization because you seem like a good person that cares. I hope you are not upset about this I just didn’t know how else to get your attention. I have already had family members tell me they are cancelling all there accounts and credit cards from Amazon, wouldn’t you want to know if your employees are causing you to lose business as well as treat others poorly?

I think this may have to do with my mom and aunt going behind my back and ordering copies of the colouring book. I actually asked them not to they were just proud of me and well it’s clearly ruined that now.

Please intervene and help me.

God Bless You

Michael Balistreri